Which Plant Nutrients Should I Use?

As we have mentioned before, there are many factors to consider when growing cannabis. Factors such as the legality of growing, as well as deciding which grow medium to use all come into consideration. And luckily, we have already touched on these two points in previous blog postings!

When looking for plant nutrients, think of it this way: just like how humans are required to consume nutrients for optimal health, plants are very much the same. But there is no right or wrong answer on how to grow healthy cannabis buds as a lot of it depends on the specific environment.

Like many plants, cannabis requires 3 main nutrients, in high quantities; these are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. But plant health for cannabis goes beyond these three nutrients; they also require calcium, magnesium, and sulfur. Sounds pretty straight forward, right? Well, keep in mind, your grow medium and water play a huge factor as to which nutrients will best suit your crops in the production of high yields. Because of this, we thought we’d share some insight on the VEG+BLOOM line of plant nutrients as they offer great options depending on your plant’s medium – so keep reading below!

1.) Veg + Bloom Dirty: This product is formulated for growers using RO water, soft water, or even water with low alkalinity levels. It’s also enriched with organic compounds and is pH ready for Peat/Soil mixes. What’s great about this is, Dirty Grown products are super rich in sugars and essential oils!

2.) Veg + Bloom RO/SOFT: This is a great option for all hydroponic applications such as rock wool and coco. It’s specifically formulated for soft water (under 200 PPMS or .1-.4 EC). All you have to do is dissolve your nutrients into your final volume of water, and the solution will then contain essential nutrients for maximum growth potential!

3.) Veg + Bloom HD: HD is best used for rock wool, and other inert hydroponic media. The pH tends to swing, and it must be kept in range in the reservoir and within the root zone. A smaller container size is ideal for keeping the root zone pH level in range through frequent irrigation.

4.) Veg + Bloom Tap/Hard: This base nutrient is best for hard water above 250 ppm (0.5 EC) for use in coco media, aeroponic systems, and NFT. When you dissolve this into your water, the resulting solution will contain the essential nutrients for maximum growth potential.

Well that sums up the bases for VEG + Bloom! Like we mentioned before, you want to make sure you have your grow medium decided before diving into which nutrients to use, as this will be a huge factor into which base will be better suited for those high yields. But the big take away here is that your plants do need some form of nutrients, even if you are a small-scale grower – “Come Grow With Us”

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