Which Grow Medium Should I Use?

There is a lot that goes into growing cannabis. Are you a small-scale grower, or a large scale? What type of nutrients work best for your environment? Are you growing indoors, or outdoors? These are the types of questions Master Growers consider before putting in the hard work and dedication in which it takes to have a successful crop with high yields. But before these things are considered, there is one important piece that could determine how you go about care taking for your crops. And that is, deciding which type of medium you are using.

With many different options out there, each with their own pros and cons, you want to make sure you are setting yourself up for success. And that means taking your expertise, your time, and your knowledge into consideration. From soil, to coco, to water, there are many mediums that can help give you a successful yield. Let’s take a closer look at these three mediums below.

1.) Water: Deep Water Culture (DWC) is quickly becoming a popular way for people to grow their crops. What this method entails, is taking the roots of the cannabis plant and putting it directly in water. This method is recommended for the Advanced Master Grower. Although growing cannabis this way can produce high yields, this method requires an abundant of knowledge and time. This medium is very unforgiving and requires constant checkups and adjustments when needed.

2.) Soil: A medium admired by growers of all types because of it being lower maintenance compared to the DWC we just talked about. It’s also the medium most commonly used and can be found in pretty much any local gardening shop. This is a great choice if you are a beginner grower, a hobbyist, or just testing to see if becoming a Master Grower is for you! What’s great about using soil is that it comes with nutrients. Which keep in mind, sometimes it may come with too many nutrients (causing root burn) so this could potentially be a down fall. But, through trial and error, this would be a great starting point without dropping loads of money on specific nutrients right out of the gate! Another key thing to keep in mind is when using soil, if over watered, it could give your plants root rot. Because of it being so dense, it makes it harder for your roots to breathe.

3.) Coco Coir: This is a happy ‘medium’ (see what we did there) between using water and soil. Made from the outer husks of coconuts, it is a strong, durable medium that is also very sustainable. Coco is extremely light and airy, allowing for plenty of aeration at the root zone, leading to more vigorous growth! With that in mind, this medium can take up more of your time when compared to using soil. This is because you will have to water more frequently, as this medium allows for better drainage, which then leads to healthier roots! Another key thing we should highlight here is that coco also allows for a better customization when feeding your plants nutrients. This is because, unlike soil, coco doesn’t come with nutrients within the medium itself.

Using Coco Coir is a medium we highly recommend because of it being suitable for both the Master Grower, as well as the hobbyist, allowing for healthy root development as well as the customization of nutrients. What we recommend is coco coir from Gorilla Boost, and you can find it here on our website!

Depending on whether you are a Master Grower, a small scale grower, or a hobbyist, the medium you use is going to depend on your experience as well as how much time and attention you are able to give your crops. There is no right or wrong recipe on cultivating high yields, all it takes is a bit of research as to what will work for you specifically!

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