Wind King Inline Fans



One of the biggest problems with a typical inline fan is the bearings. As they get dirty (we all know your grow room isn’t as clean as you’d like) the bearings start to wear out.

The WindKing Inline Fan has high quality steel bearings that never seem to quit. It’s useful for exhaust or intake in any grow room.

You need an inline fan that:

  • Moves large volumns of air through your ducting whether used for exhaust or intake
  • Operates with minimal noise and vibration for smooth, quiet performance.
  • Can be mounted where needed, on the wall, ceiling, etc
  • High-quality steel bearings: our fans keep going and going without grinding or wearing out (no more horrid noises from a low-quality inline fan)
  • Wall or ceiling mounted: the included mounting brackets can mount anywhere you have a wood stud
  • Professional retail-ready packaging: no ugly brown industrial-style boxes here, so your customers can feel confident in their purchase before they even open it
  • Air cleaning: hook up the inline fan with our aluminum ducting or light proof combi ducting and a charcoal filter to scrub the air in your grow room
  • Metal blades: plastic blades sometimes warp due to the heat in your room, which means over time they don’t move as much air. Metal blades rarely, if ever, warp, providing you consistency and reliablilty.
  • Compatible with speed controllers: dial in the perfect fan speed for your needs with our Dial A Speed Controller or our Wind King Mini Speed Controller
  • Low return rate: compared to competitors, retailers experience lower return rates on our Wind King fans
  • Electrical safety certifications: CSA and ETL certified to meet Canadian electrical safety standards

Vortex Inline Fans

  • The Vortex inline fans have long been the industry standard and compare to the Wind King Inline fans in almost every way. The Wind King stands out when it comes to warranty return rates, we almost never have the fans returned, and cost. The Wind King Inline fan line is the most affordable in the market today.

3 year replacement on manufacturer defects.

How Often Does It Break? And Why?
With thousands of sales, we have less than 1% return rate of this product. All of these returns were due to unexpected manufacturing defects.

Returns: Please visit our Returns & Policies Page.

How are inline fans used?
Inline fans are installed as an exhaust/intake system in conjunction with ducting and carbon filter. Inline fans are wall or ceiling mounted – if you want an unmounted, portable fan, check out our Industrial Stand/Wall Fan or Industrial Floor Fan.

My bearings are misaligned
In rare cases, the center cap (that holds the blades) needs to be adjusted. This is extremely easy to do by pushing the center cap very slightly (just a millimeter or so) with your hand.

How do I properly take care of The Wind King Inline Fan?
This fan is designed for general ventilation use only and should never be used to exhaust corrosive, hazardous, or explosive materials and vapors.

  • 4”
    • Airflow CFM: 171
    • Volts: 120
    • Watts: 108
    • Amps: 0.98
    • RPM:2500
    • Weight:  8.2 lbs
  • 6”
    • Airflow CFM: 435
    • Volts: 120
    • Watts: 120
    • Amps: 1.0
    • RPM: 2500
    • Weight: 10.8 lbs
  • 8”
    • Airflow CFM: 745
    • Volts: 120
    • Watts: 160
    • Amps: 1.4
    • RPM: 2500
    • Weight: 13.4  lbs
  • 10”
    • Airflow CFM: 780
    • Volts: 120
    • Watts: 185
    • Amps: 1.7
    • RPM: 2500
    • Weight:  13.7
  • 12”
    • Airflow CFM: 1060
    • Volts: 120
    • Watts: 210
    • Amps: 1.9
    • RPM: 2500
    • Weight:  17.2 lbs

The Wind King Inline fan comes with the following items in the box:

  • 1 Wind King Inline fan, size specified on box exterior.
  • Mounting brackets and screws
  • 3 Layer Aluminum Ducting
  • Light Proof Combi Ducting
  • WindKing – 85 Litre Dehumidifier
  • WindKing – 18″ Industrial Stand/Wall Fan
  • WindKing – Wall Mount Fan
  • WindKing – Industrial Floor Fan

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