SpinPro Motor


“I tried another unit. It was made cheap, looked cheap, and the motor was so weak it could hardly spin itself. Once I got trimming, it stalled out after destroying whatever flowers I did put in there.”

You’re long done with trimming by hand – you’ve bought yourself a SpinPro personal trimmer that has the power of 20 scissors in one unit. But after trimming your plants, you realize this could still be more efficient. Plus your arms are starting to get tired cranking that unit by hand. Is there any way we could make this go a little easier…and faster?

There is a way! All you need to do is motorize your SpinPro!

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You need a trimming motor that:

  • Works with your SpinPro to improve efficiency and save your hands from cramping
  • Won’t burn out even under continuous use
  • Is lightweight and portable

The SpinPro Motor motorizes your SpinPro Personal Trimmer for automatic operation so you don’t have to crank it by hand. It saves you time.

Instead of standing there cranking your SpinPro or looking for a variable speed drill that you have to mess around with to create a mickey-mouse solution, you can buy our easy, integrated solution.

Motorized Trimming Benefits You’ll Love:

  • Set it and forget it: turn on the motor and let it trim your plants while you manage the next part of your drying process
  • Automatic timer: the motor can turn off automatically, up to 99 seconds of operation
  • Don’t be glued to your SpinPro: automatic operation means you can multitask and improve your efficiency

Variable Speed Drill

You can use variable speed drill to power the SpinPro. You have to use the slowest speed in order to use it with the SpinPro – if you use a higher setting, you’ll just break the blades inside of the SpinPro.

When you use a drill, you still have to be present while the product is being trimmed. You have to manually stand there and hold the drill. The SpinPro Motor doesn’t require you to be present at the machine – you can just hit “start” and then walk away.

TrimPro Rotor

The TrimPro Rotor provides a similar trim to ours.  It:

  • has leather fingers that are more difficult to clean than our rubber fingers
  • can output about 2x the trimmed plant that our SpinPro Motor can provide
  • is over triple the cost to purchase.

The SpinPro + SpinPro Motor is a cost effective alternative to the TrimPro.


90 days on manufacturer’s defect


How Often Does It Break? And Why?

People can put too much strain on the power cord where it connects to the unit, causing the wires inside to break off. We recommend creating a small loop in the cable and taping it directly to your SpinPro Motor to take the strain off of the electrical wire.

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Will it work with other units beside the SpinPro?

No. The SpinPro Motor is only designed to work with a branded SpinPro, not with off-brand units.

Is It battery operated?

No. The SpinPro Motor plugs into a 120v outlet.

How do I properly take care of Spinpro Motor?

Do: clean it at the end of each use with rubbing alcohol and paper towel

Don’t: yank on the power cord where it attaches to the motor. It’s a piece of electrical equipment, and it should be treated as such.

The SpinPro Motor comes with the following parts in the box:

  • 1 SpinPro Motor
  • 1 driveshaft with 1 set screw
  • 1 allen key
  • 1 power cord
  • 1 power adapter
  • 1 instruction booklet
  • SpinPro
  • SpinPro Blades
  • SpinPro Replacement Wires
  • SpinPro Flat Blade (high quality version of the replacement wires)
  • SpinPro Quad Blades
  • SpinPro Replacement Fingers (harder, but more brittle)

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One customer bought 2 SpinPros, and then set up two bottom halves of the SpinPro, and 1 top. The top was attached to the motor, and he would just use the same top and swap it back and forth between the two bottom halves. This increased his efficiency considerably as you have to take the top off between trims anyways.