Shady Optics


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Working in your grow room day-after-day can be not only exhausting to your eyes, but can also cause irreparable damage as well. The worst part is you might not even notice the damage…until it’s too late.

Sure, you can try some regular sunglasses (impairing your vision by making the room darker), but they might not even filter out the UV rays that actually damage your eyes. Regular sunglasses won’t color correct HPS lighting either, making it very hard to see bugs, disease, and other plant problems.

You need sunglasses that:

  • Won’t impair your vision or make your room darker than it already is
  • Will protect your eyes from your super bright lamps
  • Will color correct your room so you can see your green plants (instead of the washed out orange hue that HPS lighting creates)
  • Are stylish (sorry Kanye)

Shady Optics are 100% UV protection glasses with color correction meant for HPS lighting – everything stays bright and crystal clear, but your eyes get the protection they need.

  • No loss in vision: as opposed to traditional sunglasses that just make everything darker, Shady Optics only filters out harmful UV rays so you can keep working without a loss in vision
  • Color correction: HPS lighting causes your plants to look orange and washed out. It’s very difficult to diagnose plant problems when everything looks the same. Our glasses will color correct your room back to normal, making it easy to see pests and disease
  • Never accidentally sit on your glasses again: comes with a soft and hard case so you can keep them in tip-top shape
  • Avoid irreparable eye damage: blocks out the harmful UV rays that can cause cataracts and eye burns
  • Affordable: some of our competitors glasses are well over $100. Ours are priced for even the hobby grower just getting started, but work well enough for the commercial grower.
  • Take less breaks: avoid taking a day off because of the migraines and headaches bright HPS lights cause.
  • Available in 3 styles: The Cartel, The Grinder, and Over The Glass


45 days on manufacturer’s defect.

How Often Does It Break? And Why?

The Shadys are built for day to day gardening. We find the people that have the most problems put them on their heads/hats when they are not in use. It is recommended that you do not do that, they could possibly break.

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Are the Shady Optics glasses CSA approved?

Yes, the Shady Optics are CSA approved. If you require a copy of that paperwork, email us at

How will these help in my garden?

The Shady lenses help filter the light, cutting down on headaches and other problems associated with working with HID lighting.

How are these different from my normal sunglasses?

Shady optics are specifically designed to work in gardens with HID lighting. They help reduce the strain put on your eyes from the intense growing lights, and block out UV rays (rather than just making the room dimmer). You can’t always see UV rays, so you might not realize you’re at risk.

Dimensions: 6.25 x 3.125 x 2.6 inches

The Shady Optics come with the following parts in the box:

  • 1 pair Shady optics
  • 1 hard case for storage
  • 1 soft case for storage
  • Nanolux 1000w  DE HPS kit
  • 7” All purpose scissors
  • Cruise Temp Thermostat

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