Royal Flush Monotub Mix


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Pre-mixed, perfectly hydrated to field capacity, and sterile. These coco-coir-based bulk substrates have been prepped with a secret recipe that is guaranteed to make your dung-loving fungi swoon and produce big flushes!

We recommend a 1:2-1:3 mix of grain spawn to FORIJ Royal Flush monotub mix, by weight. You can also inoculate royal flush substrates, with grain spawn, in their bags, as they come with a breathable filter patch. Bags have been pressure cooked for 3 hours at 15PSI, and our farmers have been using them to grow button mushrooms as well as other dung-loving species for years.

Indefinite shelf life, perfectly sterile, or your money back.

*Does not contain mushroom culture. Recommended specifically for dung-loving species of mycelium rather than hardwood-loving types.