Payload Bags – Locking Utility Bag



You might have considered using a cheap activated carbon pad to create your own DIY smell-proof bags. But you could create a lot of work for subpar results (and in smell proofing, anything less than perfect is virtually useless).

Not only do you have to worry about getting carbon filters, but you need to make sure your zippers don’t let smelly air through them as well. Now you’re working on installing velcro lining and special airtight zippers.

In the case of smell-proofing, we say: forget the painful DIY solution.

You need a bag that:

  • Filters out smells that might annoy your roommates or family.
  • Doesn’t let odors escape through the zipper.
  • Is stylish and inconspicuous.

Payload Bags are affordable bags that don’t let odor out. Using a combination of charcoal lining and tightly sealed zippers & velcro, you can discreetly move or store anything that smells.

  • Combination steel zipper lock: only people who know the code can open your bag. Especially good for keeping kids out of your stuff
  • Activated charcoal lining: filters and seals odors inside the bag for discrete transportation of product
  • Industrial-grade velcro: added layer of odor sealing protection on larger bags
  • Durable rubber membrane around zipper: doesn’t let odor escape through the zipper. Some competitor membranes dry out and crack – ours don’t
  • Stylish: multiple colors and and a modern chic design. Onlookers won’t even realize you’re using it for business!
  • Multiple sizes and styles: smaller bags are great for going over to a friend’s place if you don’t want your car to stink. The larger bags are great for growers transporting processed plants

45 days on manufacturer’s defect.

How Often Does It Break? And Why?
We’ve only had 1 return because a customer forgot the combination.

Returns: Contact the store that you bought it from to take advantage of your warranty. Before you do that though, we can support you to troubleshoot your transmission at 1-877-232-4769 or email us at

If I forget the combo on my lock, how do I reset it?
Once you forget the code, there’s no way to open the bag besides cutting the zipper pull tab. The most common forgotten combination we’ve seen is “420”.

What should my code be?
Not 420.

How long will the charcoal help absorb odors in my bag?
We find the charcoal works for a year of heavy use. You may get more use from your bag. The great thing about our bags is they’re quite stylish, so even after the filters are used, you can still use them as a regular bag or backpack.

How do I properly take care of

Don’t: store anything sharp inside the bag that might cut the lining. Don’t put it in a washing machine or get it soaking wet (charcoal doesn’t like that). You can spot-clean it by hand.

The Payload Activated Bags Backpack comes with the following parts in the box:

  • 1 charcoal filter lined bag
  • Integra Humidity control packs
  • 3” floral scissors with cap
  • Tightvac airtight storage containers

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