Nanolux NCCS 0-10v Controller


Nanolux now offers 0-10V control modules for all NCCS ready ballasts. The 0-10V module
allows all Nanolux ballasts to run on any controller using 0-10V protocol.
0-10V Module uses the following protocol:
 Voltages for ON is 5V or more than 5V.
 OFF is 1V-0V
 Voltage range for dimming is from 100%-50% is 10V-5V.

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The NANOLUX SLC controller is a 0-10V wired control system for use with our ballast and fixture line. The SLC controller is a dual channel controller allowing for the control of 60 ballasts/fixtures in two separate rooms. Each channel has a separate high temperature shutdown sensor to turn off the lights if the room temperature rises above a set level. Touch screen operation makes setting features easy. Internal clock with battery backup.
The Nanolux 0-10V Module allows any Nanolux ballast to use the USB port for direct wired 0-10V control. Works on APP and older Windows controlled ballasts.