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I have had hermaphrodite issues with light bulbs that are painted green. The two dollar bulbs don’t do a good enough job filtering out the other colors. Will a green-only LED do the trick?

Imagine you need to quickly run into your grow room to take care of a water leak, but your plants are asleep! You stumble around in the dark trying to find the leak, and eventually out of frustration you turn on your phone flashlight – this is an urgent water leak after all! Just a little light won’t hurt the plants.


You took care of the leak, but now your plants are damaged. Damage that could have been avoided by protecting your plants “awakening” light spectrums. Get rid of that white light, and start using power of green!

You need a green LED that:

  • Won’t harm your plants
  • Has a true green light spectrum (not just painted white lights)
  • Is easy to stick wherever you need it

The Green Hornet LED Worklight is a magnetic green LED light that keeps your plants from being damaged, while brightly lighting up wherever you need to work.

  • 24 green LEDs: this floodlight is super bright, while still safe for your plants
  • Low energy: LEDs use a fraction of the energy that a traditional light does
  • No UV rays or heat: keeps plants from being disturbed in any way
  • Super strong magnet: stick your worklight onto any magnetic metal surface for easy placement
  • Sure-grip rubber finish: won’t slip out of your hands with our non-slip finish
  • Hook onto anything: many customers hook the light on their shirt, or on the plant pots while they work
  • Never worry about white light: unlike competitor white lights that are simply painted with a green coating, our LEDs are green at the source, meaning there’s no chance of white light bleeding through and disturbing your plants
  • Doubles as a regular flashlight: 3 white LEDs in the front allow you to use it as a regular flashlight in normal day hours (don’t use this setting on sleeping plants)
    ROHS Certified

Fluorescent or Incandescent bulbs

Green Hornet LEDs are better than a green CFL or incandescent because Green Hornet LEDs have a true green spectrum.

A CFL or incandescent bulb is coated in green paint, so these style of bulbs are filtering light that is generated as multi-spectrum. Therefore CFL or incandescent bulbs are not “true green” light. It may look green to our eyes, but we perceive light rather than experience light directly the way plants do.

Specifically, we perceive blends of different colored light as a single color. For example: regular sunlight does not look colored to our bare eyes, but run it through a prism and you can separate the sunlight into its distinct colors to get a rainbow.

A green CFL or incandescent party bulb easily could be giving off other colors spectrums that our eyes can’t see but could be harmful to our plants.

45 days on manufacturer’s defect.

Returns: Contact the store that you bought it from to take advantage of your warranty. Before you do that though, we can support you to troubleshoot your transmission at 1-877-232-4769 or email us at

Will these disturb my plants when they are in their night cycle?
Not at all – that’s the main feature of our LED. The Green Hornet LED allows you to work in your room at night without disturbing your plant’s photoperiod.

What is the lifespan or your LEDs?
Our LEDs are rated to have a 100,000+ hour lifespan. In this same amount of time you will buy over 100 regular incandescent bulbs or 10 compact fluorescent bulbs.

Are LEDs Durable?
LEDs have no filament or tube to break thus they are very durable.  Even if you happen to drop or mishandle one, you will not be left with a mess of broken or shattered glass.

Are LEDs eco-friendly?
LEDs are the most eco-friendly light source other than pure sunlight. There are no hazardous substances used in the production of LEDs. Whereas Compact Fluorescent Bulbs or CFL bulbs have been touted as a solution to the inefficiencies of incandescent bulbs yet they are all made with mercury, a extremely harmful environmental solution.

The Green Hornet LED Worklight comes with the following parts in the box:

  • 1 Green Hornet Night Light
  • Green Hornet Headlamp
  • Dual Outlet Analog 24 hour timer
  • 3” Floral Scissors with cap

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