Elemental Dial A Speed Controller


The Elemental Dial A Speed Controller comes complete with a three position switch for full on, off, and variable speed, 15A max.


“Tried a competitor controller for my inline fan. It makes the fan motor hum when on the medium or low setting. Upon further research, I need a speed controller that’s meant for inline fans with brushless motors. Wasted my money on the wrong controller”

Imagine you’ve just spent hours perfecting your plant placement in your room. Everything is all set, except for one detail: your fans are too powerful for this layout! Now you need to get a smaller fan (big pain), or face the consequences of burnt leaves (bigger pain).

You need a fan speed controller that:

  • Works with brushless motors
  • Has multiple speed settings
  • Works with multiple brands of inline fans

The Dial-A-Speed controller is a versatile controller for inline fans that helps you get just the right amount of airflow in your grow room.

If you sell inline fans, you need to sell a speed controller. If your customers don’t need a high-low switch, they might also consider the Wind King Mini Speed Controller.

  • Use the fan you have: some growers have fans that are too big for their operation. This fan controller can help you dial back the power to make your current fans work for any room
  • 3-speeds: low, medium, high
  • High-low switch: beyond just changing the speed of your fan, you can use the high-low switch to gain further control over your fan speeds
  • Current protection: built-in fuse protects your controller from surges
  • Works with brushless motors: most grow room inline fans are brushless, so getting the right speed controller is a must to avoid hums

Speed Master, Speed Bully, Tornado Speed Controller

  • Our product is the same as all 3 of these, except our is more affordable.


90 days on manufacturer’s defect.


How Often Does It Break? And Why?

The Dial a Speed very rarely breaks.  It is a simple fan speed control, once in a while the High-Low button will stop working. That’s about the only problem we have.

Returns: Contact the store that you bought it from to take advantage of your warranty. Before you do that though, we can support you to troubleshoot your transmission at 1-877-232-4769 or email us at support@cmpwholesale.com.

Will this control the temperature in my room?

  • No, this will allow you to control the speed of a fan. You will need a thermostat to help with temperature.

Why would I need a speed control?
In smaller grow spaces you may not need to use your fan’s full power, so dialing down to a lower speed can be beneficial.

For a sealed room, you need a fan that’s just powerful enough that it creates a negative air space, but not so low pressure that you have more air coming in. Using a speed controller can help you manage your air-in air-out.

  • Voltage: 100-120v
  • Frequency: 50/60HZ
  • Max current: 15A
  • Carton size: 520x230x350mm
  • Qty per carton: 24pcs
  • G.W. per carton: 13kgs

The Dial a Speed comes with the following parts in the box:

  • 1 Dial a Speed with 120v power cord

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