Use this form to make warranty claims on any defective CMP products. After submitting the form, be sure to give us a call at 1-877-232-4769 so we can discuss your return.  Make sure you have reviewed our Shipments, Warranties, RMAs & Return Policy page.

Return Authorization Request

  • Return Details

  • Invoice #Product # (SKU)QuantityReason for Return 
  • Return Directions

    1. Call CMP to obtain your RMA number
    2. Fill out the form in detail.
    3. Package the items securely and ship back to the address above, with RMA number clearly marked on the box, ATTN: RMA DEPARTMENT.
    4. DO NOT return any items to CMP without an RMA number to ensure accuracy in processing the items, and efficiency.
    5. All shipments must be pre-paid, CMP Wholesale does not accept COD shipments.