Grozone Climate Controllers

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Climate Controller Single (Temp, RH) Single Output, Bargraph Display
Controller includes photocell and 25ft remote sensor. User can select one among five operating modes: Cooling, Cooling & Dehumidifying, Dehumidifying, Humidifying, Heating,

Climate Controller (Temp, RH CO2) Two Outputs, 4-Digit Display

  • Remote sensor (25′ cord) provides higher precision and reliability
  • Choose your 2 functions to control: heating, cooling, humidifying, dehumidifying, hourly ventilation, CO2 enrichment or ventilation
  • Integrated 24 hour data logger with minimum/maximum values
  • Enables higher priority output selection to prevent both outputsfrom operating at the same time

Climate Controller (Temp, RH CO2) “The Simple One” Series

  • Incredibly easy to use climate controller
  • Has special low voltage relays for HVAC equipment
  • Controls temp, CO2, humidity and more
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