Policies & Guarantees

The Lowest Price Guarantee

If you find a lower price anywhere in a store or online, we'll beat that price by 5%.

You don't need to shop around for the best price on any of our products because you know you can get it here, even up to 15 days after your purchase.

It's a terrible experience to find a better deal a week after placing your order. Avoid buyers remorse by shopping with CMP knowing you'll get the margins you want.

Important Conditions

  • Compare Apples-to-Apples: Must be for the same item that we're selling. A cheaper, lower quality version of our products would not qualify for our guarantee (example: a low-quality replica of our SpinPro wouldn't qualify for The Lowest Price Guarantee).
  • Price confirmation: We need to be able to confirm the price that you've found. This could be a quote, email, or a web page that shows the active, in-stock price.
  • Must be a price from another wholesaler.

Receipt of Shipments

Customers are required to do a complete inspection of the shipment for any damages at the time of arrival. All damage claims as a result of the shipping process must be reported to CMP Wholesale within 48 hours of acceptance of delivery. Any damage claims received after the 48-hour window will not be accepted and will be the responsibility of the customer.

Return Policy

A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form must be received prior to sending any defective unused product back to CMP Wholesale.

  • Any unused product returned to CMP Wholesale must have an RMA number, please call us before returning unopened items.
  • All items returned to CMP must be in resalable condition, in original packaging and without any damage to the box and/or item.
  • Items returned to CMP within 30 days of the invoice date without defects or damage will be credited to your account for immediate use.
  • All items returned to CMP 30+ days from the date of the invoice without defects or damage will incur a 25% re-stocking fee and the credit will be applied to your account for immediate use.

Warranties & RMAs

  • Please ensure that you and your staff are aware of the warranty period on the items you purchase, and if you're unsure please call us and we will happily answer those questions.
  • If a product is brought back as defective:

    • Ensure it's within the warranty period from when the customer purchased the item(s), you may want to require proof of purchase.
    • Test and inspect the item(s) with the customer to ensure it's defective, and that the problem isn't faulty use.
    • If possible please call CMP Wholesale to troubleshoot the item on the spot.
    • If the item has to come back to us please obtain an RMA number from your CMP representative and complete the RMA form before sending the items back, or having them picked up (if a rep is in the area).
    • Freight for returns sent to CMP Wholesale must be pre-paid by the customer, and the repaired/replaced items will be sent back to the customer at no cost.
    • Once you have an RMA number please ship the items back to:
      CMP Wholesale
      ATTN: RMA Department
      RMA #_____
      #1 - 27355 56 Ave.
      Langley, BC V4W 3X1

Dropshipping Directly To Your Customers:

We can dropship items directly to your customers. The invoice is still sent to you (not your customer).

Benefits of dropshipping:

  • Don't deal with the hassle of an extra-large order in your store
  • Less processing time for your team
  • Your customer gets their order faster-it ships directly to them

Delivery Cutoff Times

Getting your order in earlier can affect when it's shipped.

Here's when you should get your order in to ensure timely delivery:

  • Lower Mainland: 10:30am for next day delivery
  • British Columbia: 1pm for next day delivery
  • Alberta: 1pm for 2-4 days
  • Saskatchewan: 1pm for 3-4 days
  • Manitoba: 1pm for 3-4 days
  • GTA - Ontario: 1pm for 4-6 days
  • Quebec: 1pm for 5-8 days
  • Provinces past Montreal: 1pm for 7-12 days

Free Shipping Minimums

If your order is over the following amounts, we will cover the shipping costs:

  • BC Lower Mainland $400.00
  • BC Interior $1200.00
  • Vancouver Island $600.00
  • Alberta $1500.00
  • Saskatchewan $2200
  • Manitoba $2500
  • Ontario $3000
  • Quebec $3200
  • Yukon/NWT: Free shipping not available. Shipping costs must be prepaid before order will be shipped.

If you need to place a smaller order than listed above, your shipping costs will be attached to your invoice (except in the Yukon/NWT, where shipping must be prepaid).

If your area is not listed or you are located in a remote area, please contact our office or your sales rep for a freight quote.

*$50.00 tailgate fee for those outside of the lower mainland.

Damage Claims

IMPORTANT: Fill out our return merchandise authorization (RMA) form before returning products back to us. It's our efficient way of approving your return before anything is shipped.

  • Shipping inspection: Do a complete inspection of every shipment for any damages. You must tell us about your damage claim within 48 hours, otherwise your claim will not be accepted.
  • Unused product: return product to us in resealable condition, with original packaging. Return boxes and product unscathed.
  • Return freight charges: Freight for returns sent to CMP Wholesale must be prepaid by the customer. Repaired or replaced products will be sent back to the customer at no freight charge.
  • Restocking charges: if you return goods that end up not being defective (usually due to not doing basic troubleshooting) there is a 25% restocking charge. We issue an instant credit to your account once we verify that the returned items are defective.