Plant Nutrients – House & Garden

As we have discussed before, having an effective nutrient line up is super important when indoor growing. Not only do you want to make sure that your plants are receiving the basics of nutrients, but you are also going to want to use additional nutrients in order to create those bigger and better yields!

There are many products out there today that can help you see the results you want. We have talked about Elite 91, as they have many great products to choose from, but today, we are talking all about House & Garden, and a few of their products! Keep reading below for an in-depth look!

1.) House & Garden Amino Treatment – This is a revolutionary product that brings a noticeably higher fruit yield, improving both quality as well as quantity. This product consists of a balanced complex of ingredients such as small silicate particles. It also contains monosilicic acid, a super bio-available form of silicon that your plants will begin using immediately. It also contains a unique natural growth and flowering stimulator, which is sourced from an extract found in plant seeds. This results in stronger stalks, increased root activity, and better fruit production!

2.) House & Garden pH Osmosis/Stabilizer – This product has been developed in order to balance the pH throughout the entire growth cycle of the plant. It will integrate seamlessly with the base nutrient and enable good absorption of the main and trace nutrients by the plants. Therefore, maintaining a correct pH value results in better growth and higher yields.

3.) House & Garden Magic Green – This is a new and improved foliar spray! It contains an optimized formula of mineral and organic complex that is used to increase vitality in green leafy growth. This ensures that the plants get what they need for a successful flowering period. Use on rooted sprouts, cuttings, and mother plants up to twice a week during the growth phase!

House & Garden is just one of the many brands of nutrients that we carry here at CMP Wholesale. Whether you are an outdoor grower or an indoor grower, having appropriate nutrients that best suits your garden’s needs is important for a successful crop!

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