Know Before You Grow

So you’ve read our “Getting Started At Home” blog post, and are ready to become a Grow Master – how exciting! But are you aware of the legalities of growing cannabis in your home? If not, you’ve come to the right place!

The laws for growing cannabis are not consistent across Canada, and therefore we recommend looking up the regulations in your area via this link here.  Here you will be able to find everything you need to know within each Province and Territory. For the sake of this post, we are going to talk a little bit about what it looks like to home-grow non-medical cannabis in British Columbia.

For starters, in B.C. you can have up to four plants growing in your household at one time. The keyword here is, “household”. If you have two legal adults living under one residence, this does not mean you’re allowed to have up to eight plants growing in your home (nice try!) – the limit here is still four, per dwelling house.

Now, one may ask, “But I have two properties, does this mean I am able to have four plants growing within each property”? The answer here is still no. This is because, under provincial law, you can only grow on your primary residence. Another thing you may be wondering then, is what happens (say for instance) when you have tenants, or you are a tenant living in a basement suite – how do the laws work regarding this? As a landlord you can prohibit or permit growing (or smoking) cannabis as you would with smoking cigarettes; and as a tenant, you are obligated to adhere to this agreement. In the event growing cannabis is permitted by the landlord, the same rules still apply because the basement suite is, in fact, a separate residence. As you can see, the government has covered all bases, and is very clear on the term ‘dwelling house’, and what that entails for home-growers.

Ok moving forward, there are a few key things to remember:

1.) Under the Province of B.C., when growing at home you want to make sure your plants are not visible to the public; you are permitted to grow outside, on balconies, or in your home otherwise as along as this is understood.
2.) You should also check in with your municipality to see what by-laws they have in place; for example, someone living in Langley may have to adhere to different regulations than someone living in Prince George – and vise versa.
3.) You also want to be aware that some insurers will not insure your home if you are growing cannabis; so please investigate this before hand!
4.) The last thing I would highlight on your checklist is for those living within a strata; you will want to ensure you understand the bylaws of your building – because these will vary between property managers.

If you do decide you would like to grow cannabis in your home, and you have taken all the steps in order to do it legally, it is important to know that you are not permitted to sell it. You are however, allowed to “share” your cannabis – because ‘sharing is caring’!

As you can see, there are multiple levels of government with each having their own laws and by-laws; therefore, before you start growing cannabis in your home, you should make sure you are aware of what is acceptable in your specific location. There’s a lot of legal information be aware of before you start growing, but trust me, it’s better to know before you grow!

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