Indoor Ventilation and Circulation

Growing cannabis indoors has its benefits. For one, it allows for greater control on the many variables in which can affect the health of your plants – which is a HUGE win! But with this, you want to make sure you’re set up for success in making sure all of these variables are working in unison with one another. Failure to have adequate ventilation and circulation within your indoor growing space could potentially lead to nutrient lockout, pest infestation, mould, fungi, or mildew. We’re not saying that this will definitely happen, but it’s imperative to understand the importance of mimicking airflow as found outside! So, with that being said, we have made a list of must-haves in order to create this ideal indoor airflow – keep reading below!

1.) Floor Fan: Our Wind King Floor Fan is a must-have because it will keep air moving throughout your tent. This is great because this will manage CO2, heat, and humidity within your grow room. Because you are indoors, air doesn’t move as freely, and often becomes stagnant. Therefore our industrial floor fan will help push the air throughout your grow room in order to avoid any hot and cool spots!

2.) Wall Fan: Now, while our Wind King Industrial Floor Fan helps to push the cold air up to displace the hot air above, our wall mounted fan can be mounted right inside your tent to help move that cold air across the top. This will help even out the temperature in those high up areas in which the ground fan is unable to reach!

3.) Inline Fan: Last but certainly not least, we have our Wind King Inline Fan. It truly is the best on the market! Setting one of these up on the end of your ducting will keep cool air moving throughout your lighting system. We recommend the 8inch fan if you are using the Three Layer Aluminum Ducting, which can be found here!

Going that extra step in making sure you know how to provide your plants with great airflow will make a huge difference in their overall health by helping to prevent CO2 depletion, as well by promoting strong and deep roots. The goal is to mimic the natural environment of wind and airflow to provide a comfortable and breathable living conditions for your plants!

Are you ready to set up your indoor growing space accompanied by superb circulation and ventilation?! Then please give Steven, Kevin, Darren, or Lina a call at 604-513-5059! “Come Grow With Us!”

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