Hydroponics and Sustainability

Many of us are aware Earth is struggling to keep up with the demands of our forever growing population. How we once farmed century’s – and even decades – ago, does not have the same practicality for the demand for food today. In today’s world, there is a massive need for not only food supply, but also water. And being that it’s the year 2020, our technology has greatly advanced, and we have started to look deeply on how we can create better food sustainability across the globe.

Thinking about how to live more sustainably is a “hot topic” right now, as our consumption of goods is at an all time high. Not only are we consuming an abundance of material and tangible items, but we are currently using an abundant of land and water just on farming. But what if we changed this? What if we looked at our consumption patterns and adjusted them in order to live more sustainable, and therefore using less of Earth’s natural resources? If we resorted to hydroponics as our main source of agriculture, we would be using up to 90% less water than what we use now with our current agricultural methods. And what’s great about indoor growing is that you don’t need a lot of space, because using hydroponics does not require acres of farmland. So even people living in condos and townhomes can reap the benefits of having a garden without needing the extra yard space.

A great option for having your own home garden without the use of land is having a grow tent; and they come in many different sizes in order to accommodate your living space. Here at CMP Wholesale we supply MAXGRO Premium Grow Tents in many different widths and heights in order to fit your needs. Click here to check them out!

Here are some key highlights on how hydroponics can affect the environment and food sustainability:

  • Uses less land – which then uses less water
  • Hydroponics require less space
  • You can control the quality of your crops
  • You can grow more plants per square foot
  • Traditional Farming is seasonal – Hydroponics are perfect for year-round growing

These are just some of the benefits to consider when looking at Hydroponic Farming when comparing it to the Traditional Farming methods we use today. And here at CMP Wholesale, we are aware that hydroponic growing is not just for cannabis growers, but a possible solution in order to use less of Earth’s natural resources, and to live a more sustainable life.

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