Hydroponics & Climate Change

Climate change is among us. The drastic changes in temperature and our environment are cause for concern for everyone, no matter where you live. Whether it is flooding, or droughts, the growing season is becoming less practical as time goes on.

In order to grow an abundant and successful crop, steady weather patterns and seasons are crucial. And because of today’s unpredictability of the weather, it makes it challenging to plan and grow accordingly. Not only this, but since we are the most populated as we have ever been, it does not leave much room for failed crops; we are already having a challenging time feeding every person on this planet.

So, how does Hydroponics come in to help with this? Well, for starters growing hydroponically is not seasonally dependent. Because you are growing indoors, you are not relying on the weather to cooperate. Rather, you are able to grow all year long while creating a consistent environment for your crops, without the fear of devastation. This is slowly being done on the larger scale for food production, but there is no better way to provide, you and your family, with healthy fresh produce, then having your own little indoor farm at home.

A couple more key take-aways of the environmental benefits of growing food hydroponically are:

  • Uses less land – which then uses less water
  • Hydroponics require less space
  • You have control over the quality of your crops
  • You can grow more plants per square foot

These are just a few more added benefits to growing food hydroponically. But as the years go on, and as the weather becomes more extreme as well as unpredictable, it seems almost necessary to start looking at different solutions; hydroponic growing being one of them. And here at CMP Wholesale, we are aware that hydroponic growing is not just for cannabis growers, but a possible solution for using less of Earth’s natural resources in order to grow around the changing climate due to Global Warming.

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