FAQ's From Our Canadian Hydroponic Retailers


How can I start making online orders?

Start by opening an account with us using our New Account Application. Once you have an account with us, you'll receive a login that you can use to start making orders.

For more information, see our how to build your order page.

How large of an order can I make online?

There is no limit to the size of order you can place online, but it cannot exceed the credit you have with us unless you prepay.

For example, if you have a $5,000 limit with us, and you owe $3,000, then the maximum order you can place is for $2,000. If you want to place an order above your limit, simply place the order and we'll contact you to settle the account so we can ship it on time (partial payment, override, etc.).

If you prepay for your order, you can make any size order.

Can I make payments for my monthly invoice online?


Can we get a discount on our order?

The easiest way to get a discount on your order is to prepay. You save 3% off your order when prepaying*.

After that, consider some of our bulk ordering options. Each of our products has price breaks (which are indicated on each product's page). The price break usually occurs per palette.

For example: we can fit 22 SpinPro personal trimmers on a palette, so order 22 of them gives you a bulk discount on that order.

*Prepay 3% discount does not apply to credit card payments.

Can I see my order history?

Yes! Simply login to your account and then go to orders. This will only show history of orders you've placed on our website (not orders placed before our online store was available).

When making an order with one of our sales people, the salesperson will create your order here so it appears in your order history.

Are there quantity discounts?

Quantity discounts are automatically applied to each order. We try to indicate on each product page where the discount breaks are, usually based on what we can fit on a palet.

For example, our SpinPro has quantity discounts at 22 units, because that's how many units we can fill on a palette (and another discount at 44 total units).

What are your best selling categories?

Ventilation, Nutrients, Lighting. If you'd like to stock more of our selection, but aren't sure where to start, these types of products are a good place to start.

How can I request a warranty be processed on an item?

Once you receive a damaged product from your customers, submit an RMA request form.

The damaged product will either be picked up by our reps, or they must be shipped back to us. We will test the product, and provide either a replacement product (this happens most often), or a credit back to your account. If the original product is found to be in working order it will be returned to the customer.

Which brands is CMP the manufacturer of, as well as the distributor?

You can see all the brands that we manufacture on the our brands page.

Do you have a price guarantee?

We'll meet or beat any of our competitor's advertised prices. See our price guarantee for more details.

What are the advantages of being a CMP retailer?

See Why Become A CMP Retailer here.

What types of margins can we expect with CMP products?

We typically aim for our retailers to easily make 30% margin on our products. Some products are slightly higher or lower, but we know that reliable margins are part of what keeps your doors open.

Is my credit card info safe on this site?

Yes. Our site is encrypted with SSL security certification. By law, we have to have this sort of advanced encryption in place to protect your data.

Some customers come into our stores but then purchase online after getting our consultations. How can we prevent this?

Most customers that go into stores talking about how much cheaper the product is online haven't done the USA-CAN exchange rate or included shipping. Often, your store can match those prices.

At the end of the day, your best defence against this style of consumer purchasing is to provide amazing customer service. When your store is a hub of knowledge in your community for growers, they tend to trust your judgment and want to do business with you.

As the world becomes more commoditized, your personal connection with customers becomes your most valuable asset. People want to do business with people they like and trust.

You might also consider putting your products in an online store as a way to provide convenience to the customers who prefer convenience over a personal connection.

Our customers don't read product instructions and then call us for help.

Many of our products have detailed troubleshooting and FAQs that can save you time and help customers before they even call you. We recommend sending them to that particular product page on our website to help decrease your sales support time as a preventative measure. Pricing is kept confidential as long as a customer is not signed in.

My customer lost their manual for a product. Can we get a replacement manual?

We try to include links to the product manuals on each product page. If it's not already up, contact us at sales@cmpwholesale.com and we'll send you a PDF of that product manual.

If a manual is not available for that product, we can talk to you about how to use that product. If necessary, we could also develop a manual for that product; we're an agile company and we want to serve you.

I can't pay my bill on time this month.

Overdue accounts receive a 2% interest charge for each month they're overdue. It pays to pay on time!

Products that used to be big money makers are difficult to sell with growing government regulations.

We're constantly developing new products to accommodate for growing regulations. Sign up with your email to get the first alert on any new products we bring to market.

I don't have the answers to all of my customer's questions about CMP products.

Start by checking that product page. We try to include as much information as we can about each of our products to help educate you and your customers.

If you get a question you can't find the answer to, contact us at sales@cmpwholesale.com or 1-877-232-4769. Telling us your customer's questions also lets us add new answers to our FAQs on each product, which helps everyone save time in the future.

Do you have a mailing list?

Yes. You can join our mailing list right here by entering your email. We send out information on product support, new products, and more. If you're a retailer of CMP, you should be on our list.

How can I learn more about CMP wholesale?

Our about page has more information about our "steve jobs like" origins. Our humble origins involve a garage, an eBay store, and the desire to deliver awesome grow products.

What does CMP stand for?

Crystal mountain products. It's a little long to put on all of our product posters and other marketing material. You can learn the story about our name here.