DIY Vertical Garden For Small Spaces

Growing some of, or all your own produce is a great way to incorporate sustainable living into everyday life. But what about for small spaces? This is where vertical farming comes in! It can be a bit overwhelming to think about setting up your own garden, especially in tight spaces. But whether you have patio space or not, we are here to help spark some indoor growing DIY ideas!

For starters, having great airflow is a must! Your plants will not thrive locked away in a single room. Make sure they are out in the open or by a window for a natural breeze. Second, make sure you have great lighting! Like we just mentioned, near a window or open area with lots of light would be ideal. Now because you are in a smaller space, it is important to not overcrowd your plants. This means spacing them so each plant can receive proper lighting and air. Now that we have the basics taken care of, let’s look at how you can incorporate an indoor garden by being efficient with your limited living space! Keep reading for some easy indoor growing ideas.

1.) Windowsill Garden – This is a classic option if you have the window space! Taking up minimal space, a windowsill garden can give you that country feel while living in the city.

2.) Leaning Ladder – Does your small space have a rustic vibe? Well instead of a “blanket ladder” for farmhouse décor, try a “planter ladder”! This is a great aesthetic option for small spaces.

3.) Hanging Planters – Do you have limited floor and window space? Then using hanging planters is a great way to grow some fresh herbs without taking up any living space! Just remember to hang them near a window.

Even in small spaces, it is possible to grow your herbs, and even fruits and veggies. All it takes is a little bit of research, and creativity!

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