Cannabis Through The Years

Marijuana has been grown for centuries by humans and how it has been used has definitely changed over the course of time. From being used in the making of tools, to using it recreationally, cannabis has a long history in where and how it was cultivated. Dating back to about 500 B.C., cannabis cultivation was most likely started in Asia, and used as herbal medicine at the time. Although it is widely used for medical purposes in today’s world, it is also associated with recreational usage amongst many.

And here’s a fun fact for you guys, cannabis is quite possibly one of the earliest plants to be cultivated; dating back to early colonists, hemp was grown and produced for the use of textiles and rope. Interestingly enough, the hemp fibre was also used to make clothing, paper, and sails. During this time, the seeds were even consumed for food. As you can tell, marijuana was used for practical reasons, as opposed to the psychoactive properties that most people associate with weed. This might have been due to the fact that early hemp plants reportedly had a much lower THC level than what we see in today’s cannabis market.

Moving into the late 1800’s cannabis extracts were being sold in pharmacies and doctor’s offices across Europe and the United States in order to treat patients with stomach problems. It was later discovered that the THC in cannabis had mind-altering effects on the brain which promoted hunger, and lessened nausea. As you probably have guessed already, this was extremely helpful in treating patients who had nausea caused by cancer chemotherapy, along with the loss of appetite in AIDS patients.

Moving along throughout the Middle East and parts of Asia after about 800 AD, recreational cannabis had become more popular by inhaling smoke from smoldering cannabis seeds and flowers in order to get high off the THC. It only started becoming popular in western cultures in the early 1900’s; which unfortunately, following the 1930’s, it was criminalized.

Looking at cannabis cultivation in present time, it has been legalized in Canada, and a few other parts of the world for recreational use. Even though there is still stigma surrounding cannabis, it is becoming accepted for medical use, as well as in creams and topicals in certain parts of the world; drawing parallels on how it was used when originally cultivated!

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