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Agile product development: we’re constantly developing new products to match what the grow market needs.

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In-demand products: whether it’s the SpinPro or Wind King, we carry and manufacture grow products that growers need.

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How To Alleviate The Stress Of Running Your Grow Store

It’s hard to comfort customers who are dealing with new government regulations, or to service complicated product warranties – we totally understand. Many of our hydroponics retailers across Canada are dealing with the exact same problems as you.

Here’s what we’ve found: our lightning-fast customer support, and instant online ordering system helps decrease response times for your customers without any extra effort on your part – making your job easier!

In the past you might have to dial up a sales rep in order to find information about a product. That could easily spiral into a 30 minute call (which we’re happy to take). Instead we’ve committed ourselves to providing all the information you need for each product right here on our website.

For example, if you look at the product listing for the SpinPro Personal Trimmer, you’ll find:

    • Sales copy: let the product description do the pitching for you, or use our copy as a talking point for your in-person conversations
    • Tutorials & manuals: never go searching for product documentation again.
    • Product comparisons: why search over the internet when we can give you the quick, layman’s terms comparison of our products VS competitor products.
    • Warranty information: what is the biggest reason for returns? How long is the warranty on this product?
    • FAQs: all the common questions we’ve received about the product. (PS. Feel free to send us your questions and we’ll add them into that listing)
  • Reviews: let other customers do the selling for you! We’ll post any positive reviews we’ve found online of our product here.
  • Specs: any detailed specifications from the manufacturer.
  • Parts in box: what does that product ship with?
  • Related products: are there complimentary products or replacement parts? Find them easily here.
  • Marketing material: we want to make it as easy as possible to market our products from your store. Any graphics such as logos, brochures, packaging, etc. can be found here.
  • User videos: videos across the internet of people using our products. This may include tutorials, reviews, or unboxings.
    How other customers use this product: with a large grow community, we find many users come up with creative ways to use our product. If we’ve heard of it, we’ll list it here.
By sending your customers directly to the listing, you can cut down on the amount of questions they need to ask you. Spend more time pairing them with the right product, and less time mundanely searching for product descriptions.

We’re constantly updating this information in our online catalogue. If you need information for a particular product that’s not there, please let your sales rep know so we can prioritize that item.

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How can I start making online orders?

Start by opening an account with us using our New Account Application. Once you have an account with us, you’ll receive a login that you can use to start making orders.

For more information, see our how to build your order page.

Can I make payments for my monthly invoice online?


What types of margins can we expect with CMP products?

We typically aim for our retailers to easily make 30% margin on our products. Some products are slightly higher or lower, but we know that reliable margins are part of what keeps your doors open.

What are your best selling categories?

Ventilation, Nutrients, Lighting. If you’d like to stock more of our selection, but aren’t sure where to start, these types of products are a good place to start.

Which brands is CMP the manufacturer of, as well as the distributor?

You can see all the brands that we manufacture on the our brands page.

Do you have a price guarantee?

We’ll beat any of our competitor’s advertised prices by 5%. See our price guarantee for more details.

About CMP

Crystal Mountain Products was founded in 2005 with $5,000 as an eBay store out of a garage selling Advanced Nutrients’ products.

Fast forward to 2018, and CMP is a flourishing publicly-traded company. We’re constantly developing new products for our customers, and there’s no end in sight.

You’ll find a few things stand out when working with CMP. Our team is agile, meaning we develop new products quickly, and our customer service is warm and personal.

We’ll never forget the bottom line though: innovative grow products that yield our customers high margins, plain and simple.