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$40 Million

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The CMP Story

Humble Beginnings

We started CMP in 2005 with $5,000, a garage, and an eBay store that sold Advanced Nutrients’ products. Our founder Jay was a  longshoreman in the port of Vancouver, hiding in the bathroom to answer calls and emails from CMP clients while doing his day job.

As we grew and got busier, he was faced with a tough choice: take the risky jump into full-time CMP, or stay with the stable longshore job. He took the plunge and had far more time to focus on developing new, innovative products.

Fast forward to 2018, and CMP is a flourishing publicly-traded company.

You’ll find a few things stand out when working with CMP. Our team is agile, meaning we develop new products quickly, and our customer service is warm and personal.

We’ll never forget the bottom line: innovative grow products that yield our customers high margins.


How We Got Our Name

Our first product was Payload Bags: a filtration system that extracts “crystals” from plants.

Dancing on the “crystals” concept, someone on the Advanced Nutrients forum (which no longer exists) suggested a relevant name “Crystal Mountain”. We liked the name and adopted it.

As our product inventory grew, people simply started to call us “CMP”. We now have over 500 SKUs and have sold over $40 million in products.



Warehouse Manager

Office: 604-513-5059 EXT. 700
Email: [email protected]

I’ve been here since Day 1. Every order you place goes through me – shipping and receiving, inside sales, returns, and warranty repairs.

When our founder hired me 13 years ago, he had just sold his house, so we had to rent a storage locker to store our products. I would head out to the storage locker every day to prepare orders. Six months later we had the revenue to lease our first warehouse, and the rest is history.

Learning about our new product offerings has been awesome, but the best part of my job is getting to work with a great team and meeting new people.

It’s not always easy to make sure you get your deliveries ASAP, but it’s worth it.

Mail me a beer and maybe I can put your order through quicker 😉


Sales Representative

Local: (604) 513-5059 EXT. 16
Email: [email protected]

I’m Anna – your inside & outside sales rep in the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast, and most recently Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

My 6 years of work with retailers has been a blast. I’m pushed to excel and trusted to make things happen. It feels great that everyone has each other’s backs on our team.

The best part of my job?

Nothing beats the customers – for sure!! Some of my relationships go beyond work and have turned into friendships. This is a pretty special industry, with a ton of genuinely great people.

The people make the overabundance of testosterone in the office worth it! 😉


Sales Representative

Toll Free: 1 (877) 232-4769 EXT. 12
Email: [email protected]

My name is Chris Callaghan. I joined CMP in 2010 because they needed someone that store owners could trust with private details, which is important in the hydroponics space.

Education is important to me. It is very satisfying to watch, help, and teach people which products you need to make your grow work.

I’m privileged to work and laugh alongside lifelong friends – my coworkers AND our retailers.

I have a brilliant job. I get paid to drive around to all our stores and support our retailers – even when they’re stressed out from running their stores.

(Jay doesn’t know that I’m just in it to see some of the best parts of B.C. and Alberta.)