Elite 91 Cal Mag


This is one of the most powerful and potent All-in-One plant growth enhancers on the market today. This One-of-a-kind liquid formulation boasts exceptional concentrations of multiple and natural plant growth enhancing components to deliver a powerful stimulant with substantial amounts of benefits for high value production crops.

Elite 91 CalMag is a next generation vision and concept, specifically designed to promote maximum growth rates and increase development in the critical vegetative and blooming stages of crop growth.

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Elite 91 Flowers


Elite 91 FLOWERS is formulated and engineered using cutting edge Phosphite Technology. In contrast to phosphate, the unique molecular structure of phosphite is readily and easily absorbed by the roots and leaves of the plant, allowing for instant uptake of potassium and phosphorous. Research and trials have proven that phosphites increase flowering sites, crop yield and fruit size while boosting plant immune systems.

Elite 91 FLOWERS contains a carefully calibrated balance of phosphates, phosphites, and potassium, which are intended to stimulate flowering, root development and resistance to disease. These necessary and essential nutrients are combined with just enough nitrogen to facilitate greater nutrient uptake, growth, fruit set and allow for a more uniformed and vigorous dominant plant structure.

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Elite 91 Roots: Root and Plant Growth Enhancer


Elite 91 ROOTS is a unique, proprietary liquid formulation containing the highest quality ingredients, boasting high concentrations of multiple, diverse and viable beneficial bacteria, fungi, vitamins, plant derived minerals, protein hydrolysates, polysaccharides, organic chelates & activators as well as natural boosting health and growth hormones all in one bottle for optimal root development and increased plant vigour.

Available Sizes: 250mL, 500mL, 1L, 4L, 20L

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Elite 91 Clones: Professional Liquid Rooting Compound (16 fl oz)


Elite 91 CLONES liquid rooting compound is a winning combination of two very powerful root inducing hormones making it extremely effective and potent, a simple 5 second dip in the rooting compound is all it takes to initiate the formation of strong healthy roots. CLONES is formulated in liquid form for more equal distribution and absorption of the root inducing hormones, which is systemically absorbed directly into the cutting’s plant tissue, immediately triggering the fast response for rapid development of vigorous, white roots. The liquid compound will not rinse, wash or wipe away, ensuring optimal root success every time. CLONES is unlike any rooting gels or powders which are inconsistent with this systematic delivery. It has been extensively tested by professional and novice growers and has been proven to root any type of plant, regardless of strain, phenotype, herbaceous softwood and hardwood cuttings, unlocking consistent superior results. CLONES is easy and ready to use straight from the bottle, with NO dilution necessary.

Available size: 16 fl oz.

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Elite 91 Silicic Acid


Elite 91 SILICIC ACID contains one of the most powerful, concentrated forms of silicic acid ever achieved in a stable liquid form that is a 100% soluble. It boasts an incredible concentration of 4.1% Monosilicic Acid and 1.2% plant available Silicon, 21 different organic L-amino acids to push plant health and vigor to even greater heights, also contains zinc, boron, molybdenum and manganese for an extra micronutrient boost. Silicon helps increase plant cell strength and structure, increases essential nutrient uptake, boosts the immune system and aids plants in withstanding environmental stresses caused by heat, cold and drought. It allows plants to reach their full potential in yield, quality, growth and vigor.

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Elite 91 Myco Jordan: Professional Mycorrhizal Inoculant


MYCO JORDAN™ is a wettable powder containing 100 % organic endomycorrhizal fungi at superior concentrations of the purest viable spores used as a soil drench or seed/root inoculant. These fungi attach and construct a vast colonization of symbiotic associations inside and outside plant roots that are actually extensions (absorbent fibers) of the root zone forming thousands of access points which significantly enhance water and nutrient availability and absorption; which will promote profound plant vigour, optimized root growth, enhanced crop quality and increased yields.

Available Sizes: 8oz, 1lb, 2lbs, 20lbs.

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