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How To Make Your Hydroponics Store Easier To Run

You’re a hydroponics retailer that needs to provide stellar, in-demand products at competitive rates.

You really can’t afford to have:

  • dead inventory that stays on the shelf for 30+ days
  • crummy margins
  • a distributor who gives you headaches every time you deal with returns

Your customers demand a high level of service from you, which means you need a distributor you can rely on – like CMP.

Start carrying grow products with:

  1. the same feature set and quality as our competitors
  2. a lower price and higher margins

On top of that, we’re also the manufacturer for many of our brands, which means nobody knows more about the products than we do.


The 2018
CMP Wholesale Catalog

Putting the customers needs first fuels CMP Wholesale on its path to becoming one of the leading Wholesalers around!

Original CMP Brands


3x your wet trimming speed without the need for expensive motorized equipment

Wind King

Durable, affordable grow room ventilation

Payload Bags

Ice water extraction & smell proof transportation bags

CO2 Generator

Create a reliable source of CO2 for your plants


Lightweight, portable, 100% light-proof grow tents

Shady Optics

Sunglasses that block out harmful UV rays and color correct the light for optimal plant care

Quick Flips

Affordable, modular, lighting relay

Green Hornet

Work during your room’s night cycle without disturbing your plants with these true-green LEDs


Economical HID lamps & ballasts

The Rack

Lightweight and inexpensive, portable, collapsable drying system


Humidification and speed control options from industry-recognized brands

Brands We Carry

Brands We Carry

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